Local & Cloud Backup

Be 100% certain your backup is actually working.

Data backup is key to ensuring your data doesn’t get lost into thin air. Datastream’s data backup solutionĀ goes beyond simply backing up your data, it backs up applications and operating system as well. Our backupĀ solution also enables you to recover from a crash within minutes, thanks to a backup server that doubles as redundant hardware, and the secure storage of your data in highly-reputable bi-coastal data centers.

Backups every 15 minutes

Heard you should back up daily? Try every 15 minutes. Our cloud backup solution has a local component that ensures ALL of your data is backed up in 15 minute increments, meaning you’re never too far away from your saved work when the unexpected happens.

Backup Verifications

Just to make sure your backed up data can be restored, our cloud solution can send daily screenshots of your server login screen, showing that the backup can be restored in its entirety.

Backup the entire server

Backing up data isn’t enough to get you back up and running in a hurry. By backing up all the contents of your server, our cloud backup solution ensures we can restore your data, applications, operating system, and peace of mind.

Restore Functionality in Minutes

When your server’s down, you don’t have time for lengthy restores. Our cloud backup solution has a local component that can literally become a clone of your downed server, allowing you to be up and running in just minutes, greatly reducing downtime.