Hosted Voice

The high-performance, no-maintenance phone system that gives your business the edge it needs

Datastream’s Hosted Voice solution delivers more features than a traditional phone system, without the expensive upkeep of maintaining a PBX box. Our hosted VoIP solution is a hosted PBX phone system that enables businesses to streamline how they communicate.

Lower Startup Costs & Monthly Savings

No PBX box to lease or buy. No expensive maintenance contracts for changes to your system. All you need are VoIP phones and a voice gateway connected to your organization’s router.

Work Better with Advanced Features

Save time and improve contact with clients and colleagues. Easy-to-use features include call forwarding to cell phones when you’re out of the office, and voicemail as email.

Easy Setup with Dedicated Project Management

To get your new phone system up and running quickly and smoothly, Datastream gives you a dedicated project manager. This single point of contact takes on the responsibility of managing your Hosted Voice implementation.