Desktop Management

Desktop Optimization, Management and Helpdesk Support.

The desktop is the closest thing to your number one asset, your team. Datastream’s Desktop management includes¬†lightening-fast phone and remote helpdesk support for your team, keeping them productive and happy. Proactive security updates, anti-virus scans, and spyware removal are included as well, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Your Helpdesk

Your team members are treated to world-class helpdesk computer support, complete with a ticketing system to ensure that all requests are handled quicker than the industry average. Whether the request is handled remotely in minutes, or with a quick on-site visit, Datastream’s got you covered.

Phones & Tablets

Today, desktop management goes way beyond your team member’s computers. We consider each person’s smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices as an extension of their desktop support requirement, and they’re included at no additional cost.

Asset & Lifecycle Management

Datastream ensures that your technology assets are  accounted for, and we give you a real time count of your hardware assets through our secure asset tracking system. When warranties are up, we let you know well in advance so that you can make a decision to renew or upgrade.