Server Management

Watching over your most critical data

Your servers contain your organization’s most critical data, including your databases, critical applications, and email functionality. Datastream understands that without your servers your team would be at a standstill, so we utilize an array of advanced tools and processes to ensure your servers are secure, fast, and consistently running.

Server Backup

Data backup is key to ensuring your data doesn’t get lost into thin air. To Datastream, server backup goes beyond simply backing up your data, we also recommend backup systems that backup your applications and operating system as well. The backup systems we utilize also enable you to recover from a crash within minutes, thanks to a backup server that doubles as redundant hardware.

Server Security

If not properly protected, data on a server can be vulnerable to prying eyes through cyber attacks. Datastream takes every precaution to implement security systems and policies that work towards safeguarding your data against unauthorized access.

Server Lifecycle Management

Datastream ensures that your servers are always accounted for, and we give you a real time count of your servers through our secure asset tracking system. When warranties are up, we let you know well in advance so that you can make a decision to renew or upgrade.